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Commercial Buildings

Bulding the world we deserve 

We are fighting profits with good old-fashioned competition.

We don't have to pay for their yachts.

Our goal is to make capitalism perfect - in a perfect capitalist market there is no room for profit 

until we reach our goal we are pledged to donate our profit and take over as many industries as possible 

Our priorities are children, the elderly, the sick and research. 

Is profit the root of evil?

You mean profiting from people of course is not evil hahahha! It's just the way capitalism is. The rich wouldn't risk their capital unless they are in for greater financial gains. So let's take them out of the equation. 

Special Offers


Join the                                    Slayer of the Matrix;
         Protector of the 7 continents; Breaker of chains;
                      Heir to the Garden of Eden 

Anti-Profit Society

Citizens United

Together we can; Together we matter

Giving back 

Exceptional Dedication

Donating our profits to good causes 
Prioritizing children, the elderly and the sick

Changing the fundamentals of society for a more prosperous future 

Non-Profit Businesses

Building a network of businesses focused on progress instead of profit 

Using technologies to help charities better fulfill their purpose 

Driving investments to the root cause of problems   

Engaging professionals in solving social problems on a large scale 

You can be part of the Team 

Exceptional Dedication

Marketing team 
Everyone is welcome and appreciated

Software development team
The Nerds (us)

If you find one good billionaire we'll pay a cash reward!

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